Chamber Comments on 'Leave' Verdict

Commenting on the decision by the British people to leave the European Union, Clive Memmott (pictured), Chief Executive at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said:

“Whilst a majority of our members will be disappointed with this result, the public has made its views clear. It is vital that the Government and the wider electorate accept this result and work together through the coming period of uncertainty. The increased work that will be required by government over the next five years or more must not come at the expense of running the country and must not be hindered by inflamed political tensions.

“The nature of the debate and rhetoric throughout the referendum period has been distracting and for the most part unproductive; there must now be a healing process on both sides as we look to move forward and determine what the future holds.

“The focus in the first instance must be to limit uncertainty and instability, and send clear messages as to the path ahead. Government has a clear mandate for change from voters, but should take as much time as needed to deliver these changes with minimum detriment to the economy, businesses and the livelihoods of the public.”

Find out more about the possible exit strategies, Article 50 and further reaction to the result on our EU Referendum website:


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